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ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is a condition monitoring solution that makes predictive maintenance possible for almost all low voltage motors. By monitoring and analyzing data on motor operating parameters, it enables motor users to optimize their maintenance. The solution helps to reduce downtime by as much as 70 percent, extend motor lifetimes by up to 30 percent and reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.

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Calculate how much energy and money you could save by using ABB drives while also deriving other benefits such as soft starting and stopping, an improved power factor, and connection into process automation.  EnergySave is a is user-friendly and interactive energy saving calculator for comparing AC drive control against traditional flow control methods in different applications such as fan and pump.  Over the years the formulas behind the tools have been developed and enhanced along with the pump and fan manufacturers in order to provide accuracy.

EnergySave has two modes: Basic and Advanced. The Basic mode let’s you quickly see potential savings, and does not require a lot of technical information from you. The Advanced mode gives you the opportunity to include your technical details for a more specific calculation.

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IE4 SynRM motor-drive packages
IE4 synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors enable extremely efficient installations. Their low running temperatures mean high reliability and low maintenance costs. Combining these motors with the latest drive technology and purpose-designed software ensures optimal efficiency and reliability.

– IE4 Super premium efficiency
– Upgrade induction motor installations without mechanical modifications
– Unrivalled reliability through lower bearing and winding temperatures
– Permanent magnet motor performance – without magnets
– Induction motor levels of cost-efficiency and service-friendliness
– Preselected packages up to 315 kW
– Verified package efficiencies for accurate energy consumption figures

More info on brochure SynRM.

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Internationally there is a clear trend towards harmonization of local standards with IEC standards. Where many countries previously had their own minimum efficiency levels, today most MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards) follow the IEC/EN 60034-30 IE class efficiency level limits. This trend is expected to continue and the IEC/EN 60034-30-1 standard is seen as a base for future MEPS.

More info on brochure GLOBAL MEPS.

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