Sizes: 400 .. 1120
Delivery: 8 .. 250 m³/min
Total pressure: 255 .. 1311 kgf/m²
Installed motor power: 3 .. 55 kW
Admitted fluid: Very dusty air and materials
Maximum working temperature: +80°C (+150°C *)

For suction of very dusty air with various suspended materials. The fans included in this series are largely used in the following industries: joinery workshops (for conveying of sawdust and wood chips), tanneries (for conveying of leather trimmings and shavings), bookbinding factories (for conveying of paper trimmings), textile industries (for conveying of wastes and long fibres), industries processing plastic materials (for conveying of granulated materials and nylon trimmings), for loading of solid fuels in boilers, etc. These fans can also be used as highly-reliable paper-tearing devices when equipped with a special device on the impeller which is virtually not influential on the aeraulic features.
*) +150 °C with cooling fan

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