Exhaust-blower fans with side ducts

The operation of exhaust-blower fans with a side duct is based on the principle of downflow by means of vortexes created by the centrifugal thrust of a special impeller inside a peripheral toroidal duct. Thanks to this principle, along with a high accuracy of the mechanical shim adjustments where the fluid is stopped, pressure and vacuum are created in the values reported by the curves that follow, without any contact of the components. Therefore the blowers don’t need any lubrication or maintenance. The air conveyed by these devices is not contaminated, the operation is noiseless and continuous, wearless and without any fluid pulsation.

Our exhaust-blower fans with side duct are made of die-cast aluminium alloy. The basic models are coaxially coupled to an induction three-phase or single-phase two-pole motor. 60 Hz blowers-exhaust fans are also available.

The exhaust-blower fans, standard version, can suck or compress uncontaminated air only, at a max. temperature of 40°C. Aggressive, flammable or explosive gases are not allowed. To suck or compress fluids different from clean air, CIMME will take actions to design suitable special models.

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