Sizes: 560 .. 1600
Delivery: 66 .. 2156 m³/min
Total pressure: 134 .. 528 kgf/m²
Admitted fluid: Very dusty air and materials
Maximum working temperature: +90°C (+200°C *)

The centrifugal fans included in this series are suitable for suction of wood chips, paper offcuts and filamentous materials (an open impeller with radial blades is installed). The curve of the power input increases towards the “free outlet” condition, therefore it is a good rule to choose a motor whose power is about 25% greater, in order to make up for possible errors in the evaluation of the circuit losses. They are installed in joinery workshops, tanneries, bookbinding factories, paper factories and for all those special processing where a common impeller would get clogged.
*) +200 °C with cooling fan

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