Sizes: 500 .. 1400
Delivery: 97 .. 5050 m³/min
Total pressure: 22 .. 388 kgf/m²
Admitted fluid: Clean or lightly dusty air
Maximum working temperature: +40°C (+80°C *)

For suction of large volumes of clean or slightly dusty air in domestic and industrial conditioning systems. The fans included in this series provide a double suction through an impeller with overturned curved blades which provides high efficiency; they are largely used for suction of stale air, solvent vapours, poisonous gases, aeration of forage and cereals in silos and sheds, drying of ceramics, tiles, etc. For all the applications where air, gases or fumes need to be conveyed at low pressure and with a max. temperature of 40°C.
*) +80 °C with bearings C3

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